What people do to eliminate jet lag today (and why it isn’t working)


Follow generic advice from non-experts

Jet lag receives a lot of media attention, but most tips shared in the media are generic, incorrect, and won’t help


Use sleep medications

Sleep meds might help you fall asleep faster, but they don’t shift the clock, and you need to know the right time to sleep to reset your circadian rhythm


Use stimulants

Caffeine can help with travel fatigue, but you need to know when to use it and when not to use it to minimize negative effects on sleep


Trust airplane “jet lag lighting”

LED lighting on new airplanes looks great, but often delivers the wrong light at the wrong time


Travel business class

Being able to sleep well in business class is a great benefit, if you know when to sleep to maximize the circadian resetting


Stay at 5-star hotels

While 5-star hotels provide good mattresses and pillows, they don’t address the underlying circadian disruption


Schedule recovery days after a trip

People schedule recovery days to get over their jet lag, but these are not needed if you know how to shift your clock back to normal quickly

Unfortunately, none of these tactics or products
cure the symptoms or address the underlying problem,
and they are often counterproductive.

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