Now getting little or insignificant jet lag

As a regular long haul air traveller I was keen to use this App to reduce my jet lag and have now been a subscriber for over 8 months. During that time I have used the App’s programme for 4 return long haul flights involving time zone differences of 4-9 hours. It is not always possible to follow the exact timings of when you need to sleep on planes but I have always followed the advice on caffeine intake and exposure to or avoiding bright lights. I only used melatonin for the last trip as it’s difficult to obtain in the UK . I can safely say it has made a marked difference to the amount of jet lag experienced which was negligible on a trip just done with a time difference of 5 hours, as compared to all of my fellow travellers (not using the App). What I like about the App is that it is based on the established scientific understanding of sleep ( known as chronobiology).in addition, it is personalised for you taking into account your normal sleep habits eg when you usually wake up/ go to bed and how long you like to sleep. Once that’s in the system all you need to do is put in all your flight details of departure and arrival locations with timings , including any stop overs. The App then works out your programme which is displayed as an easy to follow timeline chart with symbols . I would thoroughly recommend this App to all regular long haul travellers as it has worked for me every time!