Yep, works like a charm. Pleasantly surprised!

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I saw all the great reviews for this app and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve tried other methods in the past without much success. This one WORKS! I was committed to follow it to a tee and glad I did. Was it kind of a pain to start 3 days prior to departure? sure. But the alternative was to suffer through several days of jet lag in South Korea after a 15 hour long flight from USA. I arrived in Seoul late Thursday afternoon. I checked into hotel and stayed up until 10 then awoke at 6am on Friday. I felt somewhat tired Friday afternoon but no symptoms of jet lag (that feeling of immediate tiredness without warning). I followed the plan on Friday and when woke up Saturday I felt 100% normal. It worked - even a day earlier than the plan suggested! If you despise jet lag as much as I do then this app is for you. At times their suggestions didn’t make sense but I did it anyway. There is a method to their program that makes it work. The worse part of traveling internationally is the jet lag and now I have the best tool to combat and overcome. So happy ! This app does take effort and planning. It’s like dieting - if you follow the plan you’ll lose weight. If not, you won’t. BONUS: I tried their live chat on the app and a real person answered my question immediately. TIP: I did purchase a portable light therapy lamp which helps replicate sunlight (no damage to eyes or skin). I would recommend you buy one in conjunction with this program. It’s around $50 on Amazon.