London- LA round trip


I followed the plan very diligently, though with a little scepticism and am more than delighted with the results. As my trip was a short, wedding dress shopping with my daughter who lives in LA, one (5 days), adjusting immediately to local time meant I could take advantage of every moment. When looking at my return Timeshifter plan, I realised I had entered the incorrect flight departure time. I used the Timeshifter chat and had a very quick response, where the problem was resolved by deleting the return journey plan and re-entering the correct flight time. On the return journey I was not popular with my immediate neighbours when I turned on my reading light. However, I feel it certainly assisted my adjustment to uk time. Once home, I had to fight against the urge to sleep in early evening, but persevered and had a full night’s sleep and since then have felt completely back on UK time. I’ll definitely be using Timeshifter again in October for the wedding in LA!