It really works!

I travel a lot and there are all sorts of tricks folks recommend to manage jet lag - I was looking for something that was actually proven in an research type of way (I’m a technical guy). I tried Timeshifter on my recent trip from Houston to Guam since I was crossing dateline - i plugged in my flight schedules and dates for the trip and it gave me a nice detailed plan when steps to take each day (including days prior to travel and after return). It also sent me me regular notifications of each step while I was on the trip What I found was that if you follow the recommended sleep times, light, and caffeine intake/avoids - it really made jet lag a non-event. I didn’t quite follow it religiously - I might miss the sleep times by an hour or so and light recommendations are sometimes not easily accomplished BUT even with this effort I found myself easily adjusting to time zones and more importantly the return home was really easy. My colleagues were all dragging about and saying I’m so tired - I was like I’m not - let’s work! So I guess you can called me a true believer in timeshifter and will use it in my long trips always. PS I asked several questions along the way and I always go a response from them very quickly - that’s nice