Timeshifter app is amazing!

I used the Time shifter app as an experiment for a trip I had to make from the East coast to the West with only a 2 day turn around. I was afraid I’d be a zombie but I felt great! It’s hard to believe but I actually felt great. It made such an enormous difference in the quality of my time while on the ground in CA and once I got back home as well. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

LHR to Melbourne and no jet-lag

I read about this app in food and travel magazine and was keen to try it on my long trip from London to Melbourne and back. I did not suffer jet-lag at all. It felt like a brilliant secret to be sitting there with my light on during the inbound journey when everyone else had gone to sleep. I was very impressed and would definitely use again.

Jetlag? Not with timeshifter

My late trip from New York to Copenhagen was really nice. I slept most of the time. Timeshifter told me so, and therefore I took a meal at the airport. Onboard the plane I put on my earphones and fell asleep. A fun thing: I put my sunglasses on at the airport to avoid light. That gave me a little more attention than normal, and I almost felt like a superstar! But the stars belong to Timeshifter.

It works!!!

I love this app and the technical support responsiveness that comes with it. I am a road warrior with Global Services on United and close to or over a million miles on 3 different airlines. Timeshifter really works for me. Highly recommended!!! Probably my favorite, and most useful, travel apps.

Definitely helped

Compared with previous trips, our jet lag was much improved after using the app. We had to adjust some timings a bit due to travelling whilst in India the day before our flight home, but all in all it worked quite well for us. Would definitely consider using it again but not sure we would pay the one off price.... it seems a bit too steep. Sorry x

London- LA round trip

I followed the plan very diligently, though with a little scepticism and am more than delighted with the results. As my trip was a short, wedding dress shopping with my daughter who lives in LA, one (5 days), adjusting immediately to local time meant I could take advantage of every moment. I’ll definitely be using Timeshifter again in October for the wedding in LA!

First experience using Timeshifter

Very cool UX!! App looks great and user interaction is fantastic! Got a try-out coupon at Websummit 2018. Regarding taking sleep during a flight I think it is impossible to sleep in the first and last hour, so suggest to modify the algoritm for this. Also I expected to have some food advice, in my experience it enhanced my adoption to the new timezone when I modify the times and amounts of food I take. All the best with your further developments!

Works great!

I’ve used the TimeShifter app for several trans-Atlantic trips, and the recommendations from the app have helped me greatly reduce jet lag in both directions. Follow the guidelines as much as possible and get the reward of more energy and active time - instead of restless hours in bed and dizziness during the day.

NO jet lag!

Timeshifter is the best product by far that I’ve used for fighting jet lag. On a recent trip from NYC to Tokyo, ZERO jet lag in both directions. Using it for upcoming trips to Australia, Barcelona, Milan. Recommended it to all my colleagues. Try it!

Wow! This really works!!

I am adding to my original review which follows. We went to Vietnam and Timeshifter again worked amazingly well. The time was almost exactly the opposite of our time. We were only gone 8 days. Timeshifter had me sleeping all night the first night in Vietnam and functioning great from the first full day there. Upon my return I slept well the first night and never experienced jet lag. I could not be more thrilled!!