Beat jet lag the scientific way!

In a period of 17 days I had - Singapore, Japan, Australia,Singapore, Atlanta (USA) and back to Singapore (home). I used this app to a tee on the singapore - Atlanta - Singapore portion. I had very little jet lag on the way over to the USA and NONE on the way back to Singapore. This is a first in traveling all my working life ..... brilliant, brilliant! If you travel beyond 3+ hours in time difference this app will really help ... highly recommended!!

Max jet lag? No problem!

I just got through a return trip from Ireland to New Zealand thanks to the Timeshifter app. I have done the trip a few times and was amazed at how much easier it went, under guidance from Timeshifter. Obviously jet lag doesn’t get any worse than that, but I was somehow able to function immediately on local time at both ends. Highly recommended.

Works well!

This app really helped coming back from halfway around the world. I had 35 hours of travel beginning at 1AM. I felt exhausted from a lack of sleep but my sense of time felt normal after my first night of sleep. I will be purchasing the year long subscription to help on trips in the future.


I followed the plan closely, but didn’t really do anything special with light aside from be aware of light around me and make small adjustments such as opening or closing plane window. I arrived in Japan and actually had energy to explore some the first night there and got a full night’s sleep. This app is amazing and completely worth the in-app purchase, gave me an extra day of vacation and extra day of productivity upon return. Also very well designed.

Great idea, great UI/UX!

Love the design and can’t wait for my trip in December to see how the concept actually works in real life, and how the reminders work. One tiny thing for now: I would definitely pay for the app IF the flight details can be auto filled in upon entering only flight date and number. Anyway, will update my review once my trip is over.

I’m sold! This app is amazing!

Recently flew from JFK-HKG-ICN-HKG-JFK. I was worried because I usually get pretty hard with jet-lag. Well I can honestly say that I never experienced any jet-lag effects during my trip. One of the people I was visiting in Seoul, even commented on how refreshed I looked. Will definitely subscribe to the annual plan and rely on this for all future long-haul trips.