Game changer!!!

I make trips back home to Israel from the US several times a year (A 6-7 hour difference). Every time I do I have to allocate an extra 5 days of no sleep and horrible jet lag just so I could get adjusted. On my recent trip I used Timeshifter and it was a LIFE SAVER. I tried to follow the plan as best as I could (can’t say it went perfectly) and still had no jet lag whatsoever. For the first time ever I could actually sleep during my first night home, and by the third day I was feeling great and energized. I couldn’t stop raving about it to anyone I met. Highly recommended!

NO jet lag!

Timeshifter is the best product by far that I’ve used for fighting jet lag. I used it for trips from NYC to Tokyo, Sydney, and Barcelona - I had ZERO jet lag. I recommended it to all my colleagues and they are now using it. Try it!

Works really well

I downloaded Timeshifter in an act of desperation in the middle of the night. I used on the return flight and on a return trip this weekend. It worked really well even though I only follow the advice like 60-80% of the time. I rated my jet lag mild-insignificant. The layout is also super clean and pretty, which makes it easy to follow the advice.

Timeshifter app is amazing!

I used the Time shifter app as an experiment for a trip I had to make from the East coast to the West with only a 2 day turn around. I was afraid I’d be a zombie but I felt great! It’s hard to believe but I actually felt great. It made such an enormous difference in the quality of my time while on the ground in CA and once I got back home as well. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

LHR to Melbourne and no jet-lag

I read about this app in food and travel magazine and was keen to try it on my long trip from London to Melbourne and back. I did not suffer jet-lag at all. It felt like a brilliant secret to be sitting there with my light on during the inbound journey when everyone else had gone to sleep. I was very impressed and would definitely use again.

Jetlag? Not with timeshifter

My late trip from New York to Copenhagen was really nice. I slept most of the time. Timeshifter told me so, and therefore I took a meal at the airport. Onboard the plane I put on my earphones and fell asleep. A fun thing: I put my sunglasses on at the airport to avoid light. That gave me a little more attention than normal, and I almost felt like a superstar! But the stars belong to Timeshifter.

It works!!!

I love this app and the technical support responsiveness that comes with it. I am a road warrior with Global Services on United and close to or over a million miles on 3 different airlines. Timeshifter really works for me. Highly recommended!!! Probably my favorite, and most useful, travel apps.