Brand Guidelines

The Timeshifter identity is a seal of approval and a promise of quality. By following these guidelines, you reap the benefits of the Timeshifter identity and contribute to its strength.

Timeshifter partners shall offer no warranty concerning or guaranty of Timeshifter’s jet lag app, except such as are expressly authorized by Timeshifter or are set forth in Timeshifter's literature or other promotional materials.

Timeshifter partners shall not alter the Timeshifter logo or any of the provided artwork in any way. Timeshifter partners shall always use the complete electronic artwork provided by Timeshifter.

Timeshifter partners shall use the appropriate symbol (® or ™) the first time any Timeshifter trademark appears in partner’s copy. Current trademark list: Timeshifter®, the Timeshifter symbol®, The Jet Lag App®, Timeshifting®, Quick Turnaround™, Practicality Filter™, Arrive at your best™, Jet lag is history™, Jet Lag Approved™, and The Jet Lag Cost Calculator™.

Timeshifter partners shall place trademark credit lines with other legal notices in partner’s communications.

Timeshifter reserves the right to withdraw permission to use Timeshifter logos and artwork at any time if the use is deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of Timeshifter.

If you have questions, please contact Timeshifter.