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Michael López-Alegría

Michael López-Alegría is a former NASA Astronaut with over three decades of aviation and space experience with the US Navy and NASA, and a veteran of three Space Shuttle missions and one International Space Station mission. He is known for having performed more spacewalks than any other American (10), presently holding the second longest all-time spacewalk duration record (67 hours and 40 minutes), as well as having the third longest spaceflight of any American at the length of 215 days on on board the International Space Station.

Michael Lopez-Alegria has over three decades of aviation and space experience with the US Navy and NASA.

Michael was born in Spain and grew up in California where he joined the US Navy through which he earned a bachelor of science degree in systems engineering and then a master of science degree in aeronautical engineering. He has accumulated more than 5,700 pilot hours in over 30 different aircraft types.

Michael joined NASA in August of 1992 where he became a veteran of four spaceflights, logged over 257 days in space and performed ten spacewalks.

Highlights of his 20 year career with NASA include having flown on Space Shuttle missions STS-73, STS-92, STS-113, serving as Commander of the International Space Station during Expedition 14, as well as holding two current NASA records: most number of EVA or spacewalks (10) and cumulative EVA time (67 hours & 40 minutes).

Michael retired from NASA in March of 2012 and served as President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation through the end of 2014. He is now an independent consultant to traditional and commercial spaceflight companies, serves on several advisory boards and committees to public and private organizations, and is engaged in public speaking domestically and internationally. He is based in Washington, DC.






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