Inspire and empower your employees to perform at their very best while traveling.


Give your colleagues access to the Timeshifter app so they can create their own jet lag plans and hit the ground running when they arrive for that key business meeting, and use our talks to inspire your employees to “timeshift”.


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 Book our live talk 'What business travelers can learn from an astronaut' for your next company event

Jet lag talk for your next company event.

If many of your colleagues travel, and you are thinking about what speaker to book or topic to focus on for your next company event, check out our jet lag talks, which can be delivered as a webinar or at your offices, anywhere in the world.

 Former NASA Astronaut Michael López-Alegría

'What business travelers can learn from an astronaut' by Michael López-Alegría

 Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Dr. Steven Lockley

'Beating jet lag on business trips' by Dr. Steven Lockley