Jet lag causes significant costs and consequences to your company and employees.


Unfortunately, jet lag is not just about feeling “off” for a couple of days. In reality, the consequences are wide-ranging and surprisingly costly to both your company and employees.



Missed opportunities
Bad decisions
Ineffective team communication
Reduced customers confidence
Less personal time
Family disruption upon return
Long-term health implications



Help your employees tackle the underlying cause of jet lag.

No generic solution can help your employees tackle the underlying cause of jet lag. Each traveler and trip is different and requires a personalized approach taking their sleep pattern, chronotype, and itinerary into account. By giving your colleagues a subscription to the Timeshifter app, they can create their own jet lag plans and hit the ground running when they arrive for that key business meeting.

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Jet lag talk for your next company event.

If many of your colleagues travel, and you are thinking about what speaker to book or topic to focus on for your next company event, check out our jet lag talks, which can be delivered as a webinar or at your offices.