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Jet lag at GBTA.

The consequences of jet lag are wide-ranging and costly. Unfortunately, no existing solution can help you tackle the underlying cause of jet lag, and might even make your jet lag worse. It’s time to replace guessing with science. At the GBTA Convention 2019, you can learn all about jet lag science and how to "timeshift" to eliminate jet lag with the new Timeshifter jet lag app.

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Watch our panel.

Travel Technology: Disruptors or Problem Solvers?
Monday, August 5 at 12:00–12:30pm.

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Stop by our booth.

Stop by booth IR - 5 (Innovation Row) and ask us any question about jet lag. We can also show you have easy Timeshifter can be deployed in your company.

Cofounder Jacob Ravn during Growth Summit Keynote on jet lag.

Try Timeshifter.

We believe the best way to experience the power of timeshifting is to give it a try! Your first jet lag plan is on us. Stop by our booth to get a complimentary 1-year subscription.