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When we partner with hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines, travel agencies, and flight booking sites, good things happen. You may be able to find the best flight for minimizing jet lag. Or receive Timeshifter as part of your vacation package. Depending on your hotel or resort, you may even be welcomed based on your personalized jet lag plan.

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Timeshifter can speed up your customers' body clock adaptation to a new time zone, using the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. Our Timeshifter app can be easily distributed to your customers either electronically or by using physical gift cards, while our API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating Timeshifter into your own website or app experience!

Timeshifter can provide personalized advice to help your customers reset their body clock quicker than ever before to help them enjoy their vacation from the very first day, or hit the ground running when they arrive for that key business meeting.

If you’re a hotel, resort, cruise line, airline, travel agency, or flight booking site, let’s talk. Submit the form below or call us at +1 212 271 0120 for more information.

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