Jet lag doesn’t have to ruin the first couple of days of your vacation


With long distance travels come serious jet lag, making your anticipated vacation feel more like a sleepless slog than a fun-filled trip. Too many spend the first couple of days of their vacation wandering zombie-like through museums and falling asleep in their complimentary breakfast buffets. Now, it doesn't need to be that way anymore.

I will use Twitter less on vacation! ...except when I wake up at 4am with jet lag.
— M.G. Siegler


Arrive ready to enjoy your vacation from the very first day


Generic jet lag advice is, well… generic, and generic advice won’t alleviate your jet lag, and is often counterproductive! What you need is Timeshifter's highly personalized jet lag plans. Timeshifter provides advice based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, flight schedule, and whether you have chosen to use melatonin or caffeine to adjust faster to the new time zone. Timeshifter can help reset your body clock more quickly than ever before to help you enjoy even the first couple of days of your vacation, and increase your productivity when you return.