Avoid low productivity, bad decisions, and poor health when traveling


When business is conducted globally, we often have to travel long distances to meet with partners, negotiate deals, and launch projects. And if you have to cross time zones, it can wreak havoc on the circadian rhythm that regulates sleep, leaving you feeling tired and groggy just when you need to be your most productive. Now, it doesn't need to be that way anymore.

Getting jet lag advice revolutionized my life. I just had that little bit extra capacity, brain power, and energy left for the crucial moments. Anything extra you can bring to the table is going to help you in that moment and I’m sure that’s part of why I won the world championship.
— Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 Champion (2016)


Eliminate jet lag with the Timeshifter app

 Timeshifter jet lag app

Generic jet lag advice is, well… generic, and generic advice won’t alleviate your jet lag, and is often counterproductive! What you need is Timeshifter's highly personalized jet lag plans. Timeshifter provides advice based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, flight schedule, and whether you have chosen to use melatonin or caffeine to adjust faster to the new time zone. Timeshifter can help reset your body clock more quickly than ever before to help you hit the ground running when you arrive for that key business meeting.

It's as simple as taking small actions at specific times

 Timeshifter advice to eliminating jet lag

"See bright light", "avoid light", "take a nap", "go to sleep", etc. All the activities are familiar, but in order to speed up the adjustment to a new time zone, the timing of each is critical.


Based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience

 "There is now overwhelming evidence that the human circadian pacemaker is exquisitely sensitive to light as a circadian synchronizer and that light is the primary circadian synchronizer in humans".
 "Strategic naps can be used effectively to promote performance and alertness in operational settings”.
 "High-frequency low-dose caffeine administration is effective in countering the detrimental performance effects of extended wakefulness”.
 "Melatonin is remarkably effective in preventing or reducing jet lag, and occasional short-term use appears to be safe”.

Concierge service for executives

Although the Timeshifter app already personalizes every plan to make them impactful, and will help increase any business traveler's productivity, our concierge service go a step further. Timeshifter Concierge™ caters for executives with complex travel plans, many constraints, and a need to perform at their very best upon arrival.


Get your company flying with the global leader in jet lag solutions


Give your colleagues access to the Timeshifter app so they can create their own jet lag plans. Buy licenses for only a few traveling employees or a site license for everyone traveling in your company.

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